Chinese man dangles 7-year-old son over river -- to teach him math

A Chinese man recently came under attack by netizens after he was filmed dangling his 7-year-old son over a river with a rope -- to force the boy to practise maths. 

The incident happened in Mishap, Sichuan Province of China, reports World of Buzz

In the one minute video, the child was shown standing on the parapet and tied up with a rope, when the father, utilising a pulley, suddenly lowered him just centimetres above the water surface.

Despite the terrified boy started crying and pleading with his dad, but the man would not budge.

The boy could be heard screaming, “I beg you, father! I beg you!”, but the man continued dealing out maths questions to the boy, seemingly oblivious to the boy’s predicament. 

The incident drew the attention of over a dozen passerby, but unfortunately, no one stepped forth to stop the horrendous actions of the father. 

The video has since been uploaded online and has gone viral, with netizens infuriated by the cruel and illogical actions adopted by the man. 

Said one netizen:

“I think the child will no longer want to learn. 

“Now he will relive the trauma at the sound of the word ‘maths’.

“He was once open to be taught, but now no longer is.”

Said another:

“One day, this child will grow up and do the same thing to his child.”

Watch the video below.