"An explosion... then corpses and body parts lined the floor": S'porean woman recounts terror attack during Bangkok trip

A 71-year-old Singaporean woman visited Bangkok’s famous Erawan Shrine in Aug 17, 2015, only to become the victim of a terror attack, in which a bomb was detonated. 

The woman was flung onto the floor by the impact of the blast, and suffered numerous cuts on her body from the glass shards that littered the floor.

Although her wounds have since healed, memories of the tragic incident are still freshly etched onto her mind.

The attack left 22 dead and injured 120, reports Lianhe Wanbao

A Singaporean woman was among those killed and numerous Singaporeans were also injured.

The Bukit Batok Grassroots leader, her sister, brother and sister-in-law had intended to visit Khao Yai but decided to drop by Bangkok during their trip to visit the famed shrine. 

She told reporters that she had just finished making a round about the temple when she saw a bright light being coming from the Buddha statue, before a loud 'bang' ripped through the vicinity:

“My brother who was just a few feet away from me asked me to prone down. 

“Before I could react, a glass sheet from the hotel opposite toppled and fell beside me.

“It very nearly hit me.

“The scene was chaotic, and everyone was running, while the floors were lined with corpses, and body parts.”

The woman herself lost her footing from the blast and her left thigh was also bleeding from getting cut by the glass shards on the ground. 

Her younger sister also suffered cuts on both her feet and her brother, a fracture in his right leg, with two pieces of shrapnel embedded within, while his wife suffered light flesh wounds:

“Thinking back now, I realise now that it is everyone’s duty to stand up to terrorism and be vigilant. 

“If we had been more alert, and more mindful of the surroundings, maybe we could have discovered a suspicious person and stopped all this from happening.

“I never expected to be the victim of a bomb attack.”

The survivor also said that while she, her younger sister and sister-in-law have since recovered, her younger brother was still recuperating.