Ambulance driver in China refuses to transport patient until given hongbao

An elderly man in China recently found out that everything comes with a price -- even an emergency ambulance ride. 

According to Chinese media, an elderly man at a hospital in Guangzhou city was running a high fever that refused to subside last Thursday (Feb 16).

Doctors recommended transferring him to another hospital with more advanced equipment, so an ambulance was called to transport him there.

However, when the ambulance arrived, a paramedic told the family that they would not drive until they were paid a small "tip" for the ride.

He then handed them red envelopes and told instructed them to fill one up with 200 yuan for himself, and another with 300 yuan for the driver. 

At a loss of what to do, the boyfriend of the old man's daughter decided to give in to their demands. The exchanged was covertly filmed by the daughter. 

According to the Shanghaiist, the ambulance was part of a third-party service that helps out in emergency situations in the city. 

The daughter later told Chinese media that the company returned them their money, and told them to keep quiet about the incident.

However, the ambulance company claims that its workers only took 5 yuan each from the family and apologised soon after.