Next level train in China cuts through buildings while travelling

Ever wanted to go directly into your building via a train?

Well, you can in China. 

Super Videos shared a video from Yok Boyle Bir Sey on Dec 5, showing a train going into building after building for quite a long stretch. 

The video has gone viral with 5.1 million views. 

A comment from Jerms Lim said, "That's in Chongqing (southwestern China). I rode that monorail in April. Pretty good!

Many comments however, were about the noise which the train generates and how it would affect those living in the buildings and the area. 

Some like Kai Chen defended it by saying, "It has limited noise level so that people will not even hear it, according to my friend who live in that city."

A debate is still going on but many firmly believed the engineers who created such a complex machinery surely would have thought about the noise pollution it might cause and found a way to deal with it. 

Watch the video below.