67-year-old woman suffers 11 broken ribs after getting beaten by son who wanted her house in China

A 67-year-old Chinese woman suffered 11 broken ribs, a tear in her left eardrum, soft tissue damage and bruises on her body after getting brutalised by her eldest son who wanted to seize her house for himself. 

The incident happened at the city of Changshu in Jiangsu province, China, where the mother and son got into a dispute on Feb 21, 2017, reports Lianhe Wanbao

The victim was fell unconscious after the beating but her son did not send her to a hospital, instead dumping icy water on his mother to wake her up.

According to the victim, her son had threatened her husband to surrender the deed of the property to him, but was rejected as his father found his attitude and request 'intolerable'.

He also accused his son of being a slacker who never held a proper job and while the couple had intended to bestow the property upon him eventually, they were appalled by his unfilial behaviour. 

The victim's husband also thought that they held partial blame for their son turning out like this, as he had always been away from the company working, and did not show sufficient care for his son. 

However, he also expressed that he would not give in to emotions, and is insistent that his son receive the punishment befitting his unforgivable act.