Do you know a Joan Nelson Pereira who used to live in Naval Base? She's my grandma's BFF

A netizen has taken to social media to appeal for help to locate his 77-year-old grandmother's best friend.

In his post that was published yesterday (Jun 28), Facebook user Grosse Kris explained that a Joan Nelson Pereira used to live with his grandmother in Naval Base from 1946 to 1961.

56 years on, his grandmother would like to meet Joan Nelson Pereira once again to rekindle old memories.

The netizen believes that the person he is appealing for help to look for is in her early 70s and lived in Ang Mo Kio in the 1990s.

Grosse Kris wrote in his post:

"So, my Amachi (grandma) used to live in Naval Base from the 1946 to 1961. Her best friend, Joan Nelson Pereira, also lived there and they all lived in the same neighbourhood. 

"Fast forward, after all this time, she would like to know if she still around and I would love to find out for her as its amazing to know what friendships are and how love stands beyond time. The stories shared by my Amachi is all about love.

"'You don't forget friends who you spent pri and sec school together..

"So if anyone knows of a Joan Nelson Pereira, who should be in her early 70s and used to live in the Naval Base area and possibly in Ang Mo Kio during the 90s, do let me know as i would love to bring these two gems together.

"'Friendship is about sharing with each other. We didn't go out much. We went to church and catechism together. We would see each other through our kitchen windows and thats how we became friends.'

"P.S. She also had an Aunt whose name was Hilda.

"Hope this spreads and bring a smile to her face. My Amachi's name is Hilda Mary Dass & she is 77 years old.

"Peace & Love all"

Kindly contact us at or drop us a WhatsApp text at 9384 3761 if you have any information about Joan Nelson Pereira.