This university in China only hires beautiful lecturers

Currently referred to as "goddesses" by netizens, these female lecturers from Sichuan Normal University in Chengdu, broke the Chinese internet when their pictures got released on the school's WeChat.

According to TheCoverage, the university is popular for it's beautiful females, thus it's of no surprise their female lecturers are drop dead gorgeous as well.

Turns out, it's part of the school policy to hire only exceptionally good-looking female lecturers.

The school’s social media publicity supervisor, Xu revealed that:

"The female teachers are selected based not only on their academic achievements, but also on their popularity and appearances.

"Because we're a teacher's college, our students will be teachers in the future. We want these lecturers to be their role models and show them what they can become."

Xu added that this is also one of the school's strategy to motivate students to study harder.

"Students are very willing to take their lessons. Some said they would sit in one extra classes just to see these teachers."

But of course, these lecturers were also hired because they do their job well. According to the site, they really put in their heart and soul to teaching the students, making sure they do well in university.

While it's great to have beautiful lecturers to motivate the students to study harder, we sure hope they aren't distracting the students. 

An interesting approach to motivating their kids to study and attend class though, what do ya'll think?