Teen dresses up as his mum in desperate attempt to buy booze

Are you an underaged kid who wants to drink but aren’t able to because of all the strict guidelines everywhere?

Well, it’s time for you put aside your fake IDs and shave off that half not-so-grown beard because Distractify knows a guy who has the perfect solution for you: Dress like your mother.

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These images first appeared on The Glasgow Gospel Facebook page on Saturday (Sep 17) with the caption, "The bold yin used his maws ID for a cargo and dressed up as her," and have since gone viral all over the web.

Currently, the original post has over 23,000 likes, 6,700 shares and nearly 5,000 comments.

Some of the comments include:

"Plot twist: He just really enjoys dressing in women's clothes and needed a good excuse to do it in public.”

"I'm honestly surprised we didn't try this as kids hahaha."