A look inside the only school in China that's just for children with HIV

A one-of-its-kind school in Jiufen city, China has been providing education and medical treatment to children suffering from HIV or AIDS since December 2011.

According to Shanghaiist, there are 32 students from all over the country living and studying at the school free of charge currently.

Most of the kids at the school are orphans, who were abandoned by their parents after they were diagnosed with HIV.

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Guo Xiaoping, the principal, always plays with his students during his leisure time.

"A lot of kids wanted to call him 'dad' instead of 'principal,' but Guo didn't agree with it," Ms. Liu said.

"He thought that he could never replace their real parents, no matter how well he treats them. As long they are well taken care of, what they call him doesn't really matter."

The kids at his school receive free medication, and learn co-curricular activities like dance and guitar.

There are estimated 575,000 people in China living with HIV or AIDS and a growing percentage of that number is young people. Often kids who have been diagnosed with HIV can be shunned by their communities.