Outraged Malaysian rants about 'stupid' orientation culture in public universities

Of late, many university orientations have come under public's scrutiny after complaints of the activities being controversial and inappropriate. 

According to World of Buzz, a photo of juniors being punished by seniors to lie face down at parking lots in a public higher education institution (IPTA) in Malaysia went viral on Twitter, and one angry netizen, Asrul, made an infuriated rant on Facebook about it. 

Asrul was furious about the typical excuse for these orientation activities, typically hearing: 

"You have to create with seniors so that later it will be easier to ask for their help during projects." 

Asrul argues that this reasoning was weak as giving seniors an excuse to bully juniors does not actually "cultivate the bond and relationship". 

Said Asrul: 

"I can't understand the culture of local universities. Why should there be a dependency between seniors and juniors?

"When you've entered university, you should be independent. You need help with dormitory, rented house, sick - sure. But for studies?

"Perhaps I am biased but I have never heard of Malaysian students overseas who asked for the help of their seniors in their studies, regardless of whatever major.

"Orientation between seniors and juniors in universities abroad is also rarely heard of. At the very least, there will be a briefing and visitation (of the campus) done by the university staff or student council in a professional manner.

"But never ever have seniors in universities abroad asked their juniors to perform tasks like, ask for signatures, dance the Chicken Dance, sing songs or lie face down in parking lots. Only Malaysians would do such stupid things." 

Asrul also mentioned another excuse that seniors would give with regards to such orientation activities is that juniors will show off, be arrogant, or disrespect seniors.

Said Asrul: 

"Who the hell are you for people to give respect to? Respect has to be earned not forced. 

"I hope future facilitators of local university orientations will change this stupid tradition. Stop this trend of punishments, asking for seniors' signatures, dancing, etc. 

"Aside from making juniors feel angry and vengeful, it shows how your mind is totally non-itellectual." 

Asrul's Facebook rant went viral on Facebook and Twitter, and many netizens agreed wholly with him, while some who had a differing view explained how such orientations are good for students. 

Do you think such orientation activities are inappropriate and should be stopped? Let us know in the comments section below.