Goodbye PSLE T-score: New score system will be sum of grades in all subjects

Calvin Yang
The Straits Times
Dec 27, 2016

Primary 1 pupils this year will be the first batch to sit the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) and receive a new set of results.

In 2021, the PSLE will do away with the system of an aggregate score. With the overhaul, pupils will no longer be graded relative to their peers.

Their marks will be converted into grade bands 1 to 8, and their PSLE score will be the sum of their grades in all subjects, with 4 being the best score.

Posting to a secondary school will continue to be based on academic merit first. But under the new system, the order in which a pupil lists the secondary schools of his choice will now matter more, as a tie-breaker.

Currently, when two pupils are tied for a place in a school, computerised balloting is used to award the place, regardless of where they listed the school in their order of choices. Soon, the pupil who lists the school higher in his choice list will have priority.

In the coming years, primary school leavers will also have more choice to go to secondary schools offering unique programmes in robotics, environmental issues, the arts and music, for example, where they can develop skills in areas they are passionate about.

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