Love Story: She doesn't mince her words, blasted me for my bad diet and bad manners

Submitted by Stomper Boon Yee

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Boon Yee is getting married to his fiancee, YL, at the end of the year and recalls the thoughts, events and lessons that led up to this fusion.

He also shared how he started understanding what made someone 'wife material'.

Here is his entry for stomp's V-Day Love Story 2017:

"I'm getting married to my fiancée YL, end of this year.

"Without a doubt, I'm excited and happy as we are going to embark on a lifelong journey with this fusion. The events, thoughts, lessons leading up to this fusion, is the main ingredient of our love story.

"As I was chatting with my peranakan colleague over how much he misses his authentic heritage food, I began to find a common characteristic in what makes a love relationship and authentic nonya food ticks, the basic ingredients.

"For peranakan, it's belacan, buah galak, sambal chili and more chili, assam and many more.

"For my love story, it's give and take, being magnanimous, open mindedness, mutual respect, adaptability and of course the heart that starts with wanting to love that makes this chemistry between two complete strangers.

"My seniors always tell me, you will know it when you meet the girl who is of wife material. But what he didn't tell me, are the indicative signs that makes a wife material.

"I guess I understand why he left that part out, because it's entirely dependent on each individual to create that checklist of his wife material.

"If one party is egoistic, self-centered and 'MCP', then I believe this checklist is one formula waiting to wreck up any relationship.

Mine, I gradually understood from YL that this checklist can only be forged when the bonding chemistry starts mutually.

"YL is someone who is mature and street smart, while I'm follow-the-book type. I'm loyal to my principles and beliefs, yet I also actively try to improve and upgrade my character and minimise bad habits with YL's help.

"YL is very vocal and straight-forward, without mincing her words. I definitely took this in my stride and I remember how on many occasions she blasted me on my bad diet habits, bad manners, on being respectful to seniors and the elderly and how to show love and concern.

"With her comments, I was able to shed the old me and be a better and more productive person. Before this chemistry began, my thoughts were centered on myself.

"With the coming together of two person whose lives will be intertwined, everything I do will have a direct bearing on each other.

"This thoughtfulness in a relationship plays a very important part in providing a sense of security in any woman and I'm very fortunate that YL is willing to share this opportunity and experience with me.

"In the process, I have grown more mature and learned to develop many aspects of myself.

"This love story shall continue to grow and I will keep all updated."

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