Love Story: Couple gets married 9 months after joining Stomp's V-Day contest

When Benny wrote in to Stomp with his love story last year, he had just reunited with his girlfriend, Belle eleven years after meeting on Friendster.

Despite the lost time after their first meeting, their relationship has gone from strength to strength and now the couple are hitched.

Here is Benny's love story:

Dear Stomp and also netizens of Singapore, I'm Ben and back with some good news for Stomp.

"Nine months after our Stomp V-day Love Story 2016, my girlfriend, Belle and I  finally tied the knot and she is now officially my spouse. Hehe!

"While we were preparing and planning for our wedding together, I decided to go for the 'Meet The Parents' session to talk to my wife's dad and also to let him know I had a son who is 7-years-old from my previous failed marriage.

"To my surprise, my in-laws touched my heart telling me, 'Your past marriage is history, both of you are moving forward together and I believed your son gets along very well with my daughter. I believe my daughter is a good wife and mother, and the three of you will be happy. I don't expect anything from you but only one thing that i want you to promise me which is: Belle is my only daughter I want you to take good care of her and live happily together till you're both old.'

"I didn't know what or how to respond to these words from my in-laws but I am definitely grateful to them.

"Now we have registered our marriage, applied for a flat, and I have also changed my job too.

"We do quarrel at times and my wife is also very understanding and supportive to me, what else do I still need to expect from her??? Nothing!

"She is perfect to me and I'm lucky to have her.

"We believe in mutual trust, open communication and being supportive to one another, these are the few factors that we cling onto.

"Please allow me to share some photos with you after marriage

"We intend to go for our wedding shoot in Taiwan next year as we want to be in our best shape before going."

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