Chairs roll and bottle gets flung on their own in creepy office, but woman carries on working

Ever had to work the night shift alone?

We can only hope that what happened to one woman never happens to you.

CCTV footage posted on Wujud (Paranormal Team)'s Facebook page shows a woman working alone in an office.

It is unclear where or when this happened.

Everything seems to be going fine till a chair behind her starts moving on its own.

Sensing something is not right, she turns and looks but cannot figure it out so she just returns to her work.

Then, a water bottle unexplainably gets flung off the table giving her a terrible shock.

She goes to the bottle and picks it up before returning to work yet again.

The final straw comes when the chair she is sitting on gets yanked backwards.

Shaken, she quickly shuts down her computer, grabs her bag and leaves the office.

Watch the video below.