Cops investigate sounds in morgue, only to face creepy blinking lights and door slamming on its own

Blinking lights at a dark corridor in a lonely building.

Add a door that is repeatedly slamming on its own, and you have a scene that belongs in a horror movie.

Except this is apparently what two police officers saw when they were checking inside a morgue.

Elite Daily reports that this spooky incident occurred in Brazil, when the police were called in to check on a morgue.

Upon reaching the place, the officers reportedly heard the loud sound, and decided to record what was going on.

The clip they allegedly took shows a light blinking at a dark corridor.

Enough to make most people turn and walk away.

But these officers decide to proceed further as they can hear constant slamming sounds in the distance.

As they get closer, they realise that a metal door of locker is constantly slamming, even though no one else is in sight.

When the two cops get near the locker, the slamming mysteriously stops and the lights go off for a few seconds before coming back on.

The pair shine their flashlight and realise that the inside of the locker not very deep, meaning someone could not have been hiding inside.

Confused by this, the dup explore further, but find nothing to explain the strange occurrences.

The video ends with them walking out of the spooky morgue.