Woman and man yell at one another at Bukit Batok park until young girl intervenes -- by shouting even louder

Stomper Viona sent Stomp a video showing an argument that took place at a park near an HDB block in Bukit Batok.

In the first part of the video, a woman and a young girl can be seen crossing a road.

There was a car approaching the woman, but she continued crossing. The driver of the car had to press on his brakes to avoid hitting her.

The girl then crossed the road after her companion did so.

At the other side of the road, the woman started talking to a man who was lying on a bench. 

They then started exchanging words in a rather heated conversation. It is unclear what they were talking about based on the video.

Shortly after, the man, who looked to be rather irritated, shouted at the woman. The latter responded similarly and shouted back at him.

At this point, the girl, who was standing at a distance, intervened and let out a scream that was even louder than the shouts of the duo.

The video ends thereafter.