Woman rejects BF's marriage proposal in China and shouts: 'Your family doesn't even have a toilet!'

Monday, Mar 6, 2017

A Chinese man who was hoping to get married has been publicly rejected by his girlfriend after the latter yelled at him for not having a proper toilet in his home.

As if that wasn't embarrassing enough, the moment of rejection was also captured by many passers-by who stopped to watch the couple on a busy street in Nanning, China.

In the videos, the woman can be heard shouting: "Your family doesn't even have a toilet, not even a place to take a bath. You ask me to marry you? You are so funny!"

Needless to say, the videos have since gone viral.

Citing local newspapers, South China Morning Post reported that after being yelled at, the man left the scene without saying a word.

Netizens were quick to reference two rising issues in Chinese society - the high cost of living in large cities, and the increasing gender imbalance which makes finding a wife difficult.

Recently, it was estimated that up to 30 million men of marriage age will have trouble finding wives in the next three decades.

For years, experts have blamed the stark gender imbalance on the one-child policy implemented in 1979.

While some netizens left comments chiding the woman, many also sympathised with her, Sohu reported.

One netizen by the username of Fan Zhengzheng said: "Many people are saying this woman is materialistic. But is what she says really wrong? She's obviously in a very helpless position".