Woman allegedly attacked by half-naked man at Orchard Towers: 'He was shouting gang chants'

A 26-year-old woman was hospitalised for three days after allegedly getting assaulted by a stranger while visiting the toilet at Orchard Towers Level 2. 

The incident happened last Sunday (May 14) at around 5.30am, when the victim, a part-time student, was at a lounge, drinking with two other friends, reports Lianhe Wanbao via Lianhe Zaobao.

When she stepped out to visit the loo. a stranger approached her and punched her squarely in the face without any warning.

The victim fell to the floor, and struggled to get up, but her assailant continued stomping on her, and she could not find her footing. 

She did not catch a clear glimpse of the assailant’s features, as she had shielded her face from the blows.

However, the victim told reporters that it was a man with hair dyed gold, and he had tattoos on his chest and arms.

Said the victim:

“He (The assailant) was naked from the waist up and shouting gang chants . 

“We were complete strangers, and I have no idea why i was targeted. 

“He seem like he was on some kind of substance and was visibly agitated.”

After the assault, the man left, and a friend conveyed the victim to a hospital nearby for treatment.

The victim bore many bruises on her body and was hospitalised for three days.