S'porean man who attacked GF in Brisbane: They had broken up and he was jealous that she had new BF

The Singaporean man who attacked his girlfriend in Australia is suspected to have committed the act out of spite and jealousy, due to the her having a new boyfriend. 

News of the man allegedly stabbing and bludgeoning the victim at a rented Airbnb apartment in Norman Park, Brisbane first made the news on Tuesday (May 9). 

The incident reportedly happened on Monday (May 8) at around 5.30pm, and the suspect fled the scene after.

He was arrested on the site some 20 hours later, having returned to the apartment where the assault took place. 

Investigations have revealed that the couple had in fact, broken up, and the victim, a citizen of Hong Kong, initially refused to meet up with the suspect, revealed her boyfriend.

She had only given to to his request to meet after she found out that he had flown to Australia for her, reports Lianhe Wanbao

According to the local media, the Airbnb apartment was rented under the suspect’s name and the victim stayed in a unit less than 600m away. 

Her boyfriend told the media that his girlfriend had met up with the suspect in the rented apartment to explain that their relationship had ended, and she was already seeing someone else. 

After that the suspect allegedly struck her head with a hammer and stabbed her shoulders four times with a knife. 

The local media also reported that in the ensuing confusion, she had successfully seized both the hammer and knife. 

The suspect then fled the scene, barefooted, while the victim called her boyfriend for help.

Said the boyfriend:

“She was screaming from the pain the whole time.

“She told me she was injured and i quickly ran over to the place to find her.”

When he arrived, he found her soaked and lying in a pile of blood, screaming. 

He dashed out to seek help, and medical staff arrived promptly to convey her to a hospital for treatment.