Will you dare to eat this bread after finding your fingers stained from colours on the packaging?

Submitted by Stomper Eunice

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Stomper Eunice was disgusted when she tried opening her packet of bread today (Feb 25) at around 8.30am, only to find that colours from the packaging had ran and stained her fingers. 

According to Eunice, this was not the first time such a thing had happened, and she had noticed that a common trend with the product for a few months. 

Said the concerned Stomper:

“My family always buy the same kind of bread from supermarkets nearby.

“We always keep the bread tied up and stored away in airtight tupperware containers if we can’t finish eating them in one seating. 

“Lately, we noticed that the colours of the packaging would run off and stain our fingers.

“I wonder if the packaging stains the bread as well?

“Is it safe to eat then?

“Hope the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) will look into this.”