Why it's not a good idea for this hand dryer at Plaza Singapura to be blowing into an open bin

Submitted by Stomper Vanillaijs

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Stomper Vanillaijs sent Stomp a photo showing a hand dryer that she came across in a washroom at Plaza Singapura.

In the photo, the hand dryer can be seen facing the inside of an open bin.

The intention of the dryer might have been to blow water from the hands of the user into the bin, but the Stomper has a an explanation of why this might be a bad idea.

She told Stomp in a WhatsApp message:

"When the dryer is activated, the rubbish, dust and smell will come out of the bin.

"Usually there will be a divider but this one does not have one.

"I think the design is a little odd.

"I have been seeing this type of hand dryer in the mall for around two years."

Do you think so too?