What would you do if you found THIS in your ayam penyet?

Submitted by Stomper ZhengChao

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper ZhengChao found an unexpected ingredient in his ayam penyet dish he had ordered for lunch today (Mar 12).

He and his family decided to order in lunch through food delivery service, foodpanda.

However, when they received their food, they found that the rice was filled with what looked like fibres.

"We had no idea how it got into the rice in the first place," said ZhengChao.

He wanted to clarify that foodpanda had nothing to do with this.

"The store is called Penyet Town at Junction 10."

When ZhengChao alerted foodpanda to the incident, they gave him a $40 voucher.

However, he has yet to hear from the restaurant.