Diner finds 'extra ingredient' that no one wants at Westgate foodcourt

Submitted by Stomper KXX

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper KXX found an in her tom yum ban mian (tom yum noodles) she was eating for dinner yesterday (Mar 6).

She had ordered the dish from a stall at Westgate's Food Republic.

She could not tell what insect it was but she brought the bowl of noodles back to the stall.

"The shopkeeper refunded the money to me as there were other customers waiting.

"She might have been worried that the other customers would see it and hoped that the money would close this case," said the Stomper.

KXX told Stomp that the shopkeeper had denied that the insect had come from the vegetables and that it had instead come for the ikan bilis (anchovies).

The Stomper doubted this as the insect looked more like one that can be found feeding on vegetables.

"I hope that the Food Republic supervisor or manager can look into this matter and keep the hygiene level high or no one else would dare to patronise the stalls here," KXX added.