Toyota driver with no chill throws rock at truck in bizarre road rage incident

Stomper Royston alerted Stomp to a bizarre case of road rage that saw a Toyota driver throwing a rock at a truck.

According to the timestamp of a video of what happened, the incident took place on May 27 at around 9.20am.

In the video that was posted on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road, the truck can be first seen filtering into the third lane of a road from the second lane.

At around the halfway mark of the video, the Toyota driver cut in front of the truck and pressed on his brakes, prompting the truck driver to do the same to avoid a collision.

Thereafter, the Toyota driver alighted the car and confronted the truck driver.

He shouted at the latter to get down multiple times, but the truck driver refused.

Towards the end of the video, the Toyota driver can be seen throwing a rock at the truck.

It is unclear where he aimed the rock at but the right wing mirror of the truck was cracked after that.

According to the contributor of the video, a police report has been lodged over the incident.