The abuse of ofo and oBikes continues: Locked, randomly dumped and with parts missing

Submitted by Stomper Qi, S, Peter, Jun Wei, Derrick, Andy

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It seems that everyone wants an ofo bicycle or oBike -- but for themselves, even though they are meant to be shared among the public.

Then we also have those who do not care for those devices at all, leaving them damaged and vandalised or dumping them in non-designated spots after use.

Stomp has received more reports of the ofo bicycles and oBikes being misused.

Stomper Qi, who found an oBike with a missing pedal at Yishun Block 218, said: "That's one way of making sure no one uses that bike. Congratulations to that person who took the pedal for their disgusting act."

This is unfortunately not an isolated case.

Stomper Derrick also came across a similar sighting at Block 457, Choa Chu Kang Avenue.

He said: "Not sure if the rider removed it deliberately..."

A more common 'method' of keeping the devices for one's sole personal use would be chaining them up, like what Stomper Jun Wei saw at Block 216D Compassvale Drive.

Thought these were bad?

An ofo that Stomper Andy saw in MacPherson had its number plate removed, in addition to being locked up.

Meanwhile, Stomper Neumann stumbled upon another bicycle that had been left lying on a random pavement by the side of a road near Punggol Drive 637A.

He added: "Singaporeans are not using the yellow bike with responsibility."

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