And the ofo bicycle abuse continues... this time at Woodlands, AMK, Punggol and Sengkang

Submitted by Stomper Jing Han, Queenie, Francis and Tan

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Stompers Jing Han, Queenie, Francis and Tan alerted Stomp to more cases of ofo bicycles being locked up and displaced.

In the photos contributed by the Stomper Jing Han, three ofo bicycles can be seen locked together along the 8th storey corridor of Block 899C Woodlands Drive 50. 

Stompers Francis, Queenie and Tan also came across ofo bicycles abandoned on the second storey of Block 106C Punggol Field, at the multi-storey carpark near Block 260 along Sengkang East Way, and near Block 628 market along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4. 

Stomper Francis said:

"Isn't this illegal and a breach of trust?

"The company can do something better by tracing who last rented the bike and advise them on not hiding it for personal use, but for other personnel to use. 

"People who violate the policy should also be banned."

This is not the first case of ofo bicycles being abused. Check out the other cases that Stomp has been alerted to.