She wins SingPost's V-Day contest to give husband of 50 years new watch

Adeline Tan
The New Paper
Thur, Feb 16, 2016

When they first got married, Madam Chua Hoon Cheng bought a $60 watch for her husband.

Mr Loh Ah Say, now 90, juggled multiple jobs then and it was hard for him to keep track of time because the family did not own a clock. He chided her and told her to save the money for their five children.

Yesterday, both Madam Chua, 86, and her husband received a pair of watches after she won SingPost's Be My POPStation Valentine's Contest.

When asked to submit an entry about what gift she would buy a loved one, Madam Chua wrote that she would buy her husband a $99 watch because she did not have another chance since the first time 50 years ago.

Mdm Chua said: "I used most of my savings to buy the $60 watch back then. But it was worth it because I was giving it to someone I love."

Her entry touched the judges of the contest, which received more than 300 submissions.

SingPost treated the couple and their family members to a dinner at Crystal Jade on Valentine's Day to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary later this month.

Madam Chua was introduced to the contest by her son, Mr Albert Law, 54, who felt his parents are a model couple as they are still loving towards each other.

"I prayed very hard that I would win, so I could give him the watch on our 50th wedding anniversary," she said.

It was an arranged marriage for the couple, but they got along the moment they met.

On receiving the watch yesterday, Mr Loh said: "I am very touched... I will tell my friends this is a special watch because it was given by my wife to commemorate our anniversary."

The couple's daughter, Miss Cecilia Low, 62, said her parents do not express their love through words but with daily actions.

"When my mum went for a cataract surgery, my dad would do all the cooking, cleaning and washing. I've learnt how actions are important in expressing love in my own marriage."

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