M1 fibre broadband network outage: Updates should be sent via sms and not just Facebook, says affected consumer

Submitted by Stomper Goh

Stomper Goh, a Novena resident, was affected by the M1 fibre broadband network outage that hit multiple areas in Singapore yesterday (Mar 10) evening.

According to the Stomper, she was affected by the downtime from 6pm to 10pm.

During this period, she tried calling the M1 hotline at 1627 multiple times, but said the line got cut off in seconds.

M1 posted on its Facebook page at 7.15pm that the issue had been rectified by its on-site engineers along with Netlink Trust staff and vendors.

However, it added that customers in Aljunied, Geylang, Marine Parade and Kallang might still experience issues with their connectivity.

"I first assumed that the router had an error or an issue had surfaced until I realised that the light colour on the modem showed red, symbolising a loss of connectivity.

"From 6pm till 10pm it was still not up. If I required Internet connectivity for work I doubt I can afford to waste so much time.

If the problem would have persisted, still insist, I wonder can I call up in case of emergency.

"This is the longest wait ever since the incident with Singtel.

"I would also like to suggest that instead of just following up on their Facebook page, it might be better to also to notify customers through SMS.

"At least this lets customers know what is wrong, and those who don't or can't use Facebook can also be notified."