Solutions offered by Singtel not reliable for home business, says woman affected by internet outage

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A Stomper who was affected by yesterday's (Dec 3) Singtel fibre broadband services outage wants to highlight that the solutions offered by the telco did not really solve the problem.

Singtel customers islandwide were affected by the disruptions to the fibre broadband services, which was only restored today (Dec 4) morning.

The Stomper, who runs a home business. said she was rendered virtually helpless and risked losing tangible business when such events occur.

"Singtel advised customers to rely on their mobile data which they would waive for that day.  

"What if one does not have Singtel mobile data, what other recourse does one have?

"Surely I am not expected to just sit around and keep losing business while the engineers try to resolve the issue.

"Singtel also advised me to latch on to my husband's mobile hotspot.

"Never mind the fact that for it to work both users have to be in close proximity.  

"So are we supposed to take leave and sit in close range just so we can get internet access?

"We, paid subscribers, have been let down time and time again through no fault of ours once an outage happens.  

"Especially one that lasts more than three hours has serious productivity and financial repercussions and the service provider has to put in place a system where subscribers can get alternative access to Internet irrespective of which carrier can provide that service.

"Providing "half-baked" solutions is of scant comfort - if at all!

"Hope Singtel's management takes note."