Here's why you should not chope a table with your handphone

Choping tables is part of Singapore culture, whether we like it or not.

Using tissue packets, bags, newspapers. Whatever we can get our hands on.

Naturally, with time, we might get too comfortable with this practise and start using valuable items that should not be left unattended.

Like a handphone, for instance.

Why would anyone leave a handphone unattended, you might ask.

Well, we are asking the same question, but apparently one rather trusting individual did exactly that.

In a clip posted on Fabrications About The PAP, a man is seen eyeing an unattended phone.

When he notices that no one is looking, he pockets the phone and walks off.

He notices many things around him, except for the camera above him that is recording everything.

According to caption on the post, the incident happened at a coffeeshop in Bishan.