Guy spots 5 wasp nests on deity statue, then gets notes with serial numbers that match his birthdate

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Stomper Lau Lup was pleasantly surprised to find that notes he received as change from a purchase had fanciful serial numbers, which he believes equate to prosperity.

The Stomper previously reported on how a wasp had built its nest at the food of a God of Righteousness statue in his home.

The insect subsequently built three other nests there, all of which were shaped like pots.

The Stomper detailed how he followed his daily routine on his birthday (May 4) and went to the same confectionery shop to buy three different flavoured breads for $3.

He gave the woman at the shop a $10 note and she gave him his change.

"As I looked at the two notes, I smiled to myself as both had fanciful serial numbers," said Lau Lup. 

"Interestingly, the numbers seemed auspicious and related to my birthday date (May 4 1984).

"I came home after that and noticed that the wasp had created the fifth pot of gold on the deity guan gong.

"This time around, the latest pot was open and empty! My imagination started to run wild as usual.

"I interpreted the open and empty pot as a sign that the deity has bestowed his blessings and treasures (two notes with auspicious serial numbers) on my birthday.

"I showed my wife the notes. She immediately felt that the $5 note's serial numbers were closely linked to my birthday date. 

"She explained that the first two fours before and after the alphabets on the serial number represented the day of my birth. 

"The $5 bill represents May and the four 2s which equals to 8, together with the last 8, represent prosperity!

"I interpretted the $5 bill's serial numbers slightly differently using Chinese language.

"4422228 sounds like 世世 呵呵呵呵 发!

"The Chinese words mean prosperity for generations! Ha ha ha ha!

"The other $2 bill has four 6s and two 7s as their serial numbers.

"The number 6 sounds like luck when read in Hokkien, whereas the number seven is also associated with luck in some western cultures, lucky 7 so they say.

"The number 5 which is between two pairs of 6, sounds like 我, 吾 or me in Mandarin.

"Hence the entire serial numbers seems to suggest that I m lucky!

"I also associated the five 'pots of gold' that the wasp created as an indicator of my birthday month!

"The fifth and empty pot was created on my birthday!"

Today (May 6), the Stomper reported another 'freakish coincidence' he noticed.

He elaborated:

"The latest Malaysian-Chinese newspaper published on 6 May, two days after my birthday, seemed to lend support of my claims that the wasp nests laid during my birthday period were indeed auspicious 'pots of gold'!

"Thais would not remove the wasp nest and even carefully look after them if they see them in their home.

"The article states that Thais believe that the nest can attract wealth and ward off evil.

"All these coincidental encounters during my birthday period seems to be god's intention to bless me and even let me know of his intention by publishing the news on the front page.

"Suddenly all these encounters become meaningful and memorable!

"By the way the wasp has created the sixth pot of gold!"