You'll be impressed by the 'hidden messages' in Stomper's $2 and $10 notes

Stomper Lau Lup is going to have an auspicious rest of the year, judging from his good luck with money.

This time, he discovered yet more fanciful serial numbers on a $2 and $10 note which the Stomper feels are 'hidden messages'.

Lau Lup wrote:

"On June 2, I got this note from the ATM at Buangkok MRT Station. Can anyone decipher this hidden message?

"The answer: If A = 1, then F= 6 & E =5 so 365 represents 365 days in a year. 813333 sounds like 发一生 升升升!

"Therefore I interpreted the hidden message as: Throughout the year, I will prosper and my luck will rise!

"After work the same day at 6.15pm, I bought the Chinese evening newspaper from HAO Mart and received another $2 change with fanciful and auspicious numbers on it!

"5JS898988= 我发久发久发发!

"What do the readers think about these two notes?