Group of men chase and pin down man in the middle of road at Tampines

Drama unfolded at Tampines recently as a group of men was seen chasing and pinning down a man in the middle of a road.

A clip of the incident, which a Stomper alerted Stomp to, was posted on All Singapore Stuff and credited to Kevin Ng.

The date on the dashboard camera footage shows May 2017, though it is unclear when exactly the incident occurred.

In the clip, a driver is forced to stop after a man runs to the middle of the road, followed by a group of men who surround him.

They pin the man down and bring him away, while the driver reverses his car and moves to the side of the road to avoid the commotion.

The caption for the post and many netizens said that this could possibly be a drug bust by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) and the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

This, however, remains speculation.

Stomp has contacted CNB and SPF to verify if this is true.