Beautiful shots of aircraft contrails cutting through Waxing Gibbous Moon

Submitted by Stomper Kannan

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Stomper Kannan was fortunate enough to witness an elusive Waxing Gibbous Moon around 7pm yesterday (Mar 8) night from Woodlands and managed to capture some shots of the phenomenon. 

What made the photos extra special was the fact that an aircraft was passing by at the exact moment Kannan took his shots, leaving a contrail that which complemented the the beautiful scenery.

According to Kannan, contrails are trails seen in clear skies, typically appearing as line-shaped clouds. 

The trails are composed of ice crystals, formed from condensing water expelled by aircraft engines while flying at high altitudes, and the trails remains visible between seconds to minutes, depending on weather conditions. 

Said Kannan:

“I want to share this marvellous sight with Stomp readers.”