'Xiao Bengs and Xiao Lians' still posting videos of themselves gathering during circuit breaker

Submitted by Stomper Simon, Peggy

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Despite knowing that social gatherings are prohibited during the circuit breaker period, several young people appear to still be flouting the rules and posting evidence of their misdemeanours online to boot.

Stomper Simon alerted Stomp to a video posted on Instagram Story of a group of youths gathered smoking and hanging out at the lift lobby and staircase of a Housing Board block (HDB).

He screen-recorded the video on April 18 and the video was posted within 24 hours of him seeing it.

Stomper Peggy also alerted Stomp to another Instagram Story shared on SG Dirty Fella's Facebook group page of another group of youths gathered in an apartment.

The caption says: "Xiao Bengs and Xiao Lian having merry fun at one of their house[s] during circuit breaker period. Proceed to post on social media to show off their crimes."

Simon also shared with Stomp another video of a youth behaving badly by removing a safe distancing sticker from the seat of a public bus and pasting it on his girlfriend in order to "mark" her.

In a separate incident last month, a group of youths were caught on camera fleeing after Stomper Anonymous caught them gathering and drinking at a block in Tampines.