PUB makes police report over youths riding bicycle into MacRitchie Reservoir, swimming in water

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National water agency PUB has lodged a police report after youths were found to have trespassed into MacRitchie Reservoir, where they swam and rode a bicycle into the water.

Stomper Joe alerted Stomp to a ten-second video of the May 8 incident that was posted on Instagram Stories.

Joe said: "I saw this Instagram Story of three youths at MacRitchie Reservoir in the night, with one of them daring another to ride a bicycle into the reservoir.

"They have no sense of law."

In the video, which tagged MacRitchie Reservoir as the location, a youth can be seen posing for the camera before riding a bicycle into the waters of the reservoir.

Another youth can be seen already in the water, while a third person is recording the incident.

It is unclear who posted the video on Instagram, though the account where it originated from is now private.

Stomp shared the video with PUB, who said in a statement on Friday (May 15) that it is aware of the incident.

PUB said: "Based on the footage retrieved from our CCTVs, a few boys were seen trespassing the gated pontoon area at MacRitchie Reservoir on May 8 and swimming in the waters.

"We have filed a police report and provided the CCTV footage to the police for investigation.

"Swimming is prohibited in all reservoirs as local catchment water is a source of our water drinking supply, and it is dangerous to swim in these open waters as it is easy to misjudge the depth of the water. Swimming at night is even more dangerous due to limited visibility."

Offenders can be fined up to $3,000.

There are prominent signs to inform the public of this and CCTVs are installed to enhance surveillance, said PUB.

PUB also noted that all of its reservoirs are closed during this circuit breaker period.

Those who wish to report any illegal swimming activities may call 1800-CALL-PUB.