Punggol resident allegedly throws shopping trolley from block in latest case of high-rise littering

Submitted by Stomper Jayden

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Residents at Block 223A Sumang Lane have been plagued by high-rise littering for more than a year.

In the latest incident, Stomper Jayden told Stomp that one of his neighbours allegedly threw a shopping trolley from the block on Saturday morning (Apr 29).

"I was brushing my teeth when I was shocked by a loud falling sound," he said.

"I looked out my kitchen window and saw a trolley on the ground.

"I don't know which floor it was thrown from but luckily no one walked past, if not they would be dead by heavy metal.

"High-rise littering here is getting worse, I have given feedback many times to the National Environment Agency (NEA) and town council."

He added that there are childcare centres in the area and is worried about young children playing nearby.

Another resident told Lianhe Zaobao that food, bottles and used diapers are just a few of the things seen on the ground floor every morning at that block.

Previously, Stomp reported on a woman staying at Block 223A who has been throwing objects, including 'lady items', from her fourth-storey unit for over a year.

In a Stomp report about the case in August, NEA said: "We have deployed a surveillance camera to capture any littering act at this suspected unit. We are monitoring the high-rise littering situation with the town council, and will not hesitate to take enforcement action."