Punggol woman still throwing things including 'lady items' from her 4th-storey flat since last year

Submitted by Stomper JT

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Imagine putting up with this for more than a year.

A woman has been throwing things from her fourth-storey flat in Block 223A Sumang Lane since March last year.

Sharing photos of a few of the discarded items including used sanitary pads, Stomper JT said: "Since 2021, a lady who lives on the fourth level has been continuously throwing long hair, lady items and plastic bags daily at different times of the day.

"I sent feedback to the Punggol Town Council, but they said they sent an officer to warn her many times and she refused to listen.

"I hope the National Environment Agency (NEA) can take action and fine her.

"If she has a mental disorder, she should seek help from the Institute of Mental Health and not throw things non-stop at people's balcony or window."

In a Stomp report about the case in August, NEA said: "We have deployed a surveillance camera to capture any littering act at this suspected unit. We are monitoring the high-rise littering situation with the town council, and will not hesitate to take enforcement action."

The case was also reported by Stomp in December last year.

Stomp has contacted the town council for more info.