Youth allegedly rides away with e-scooter at Bedok North: Owner gives him 24 hours to return it

Submitted by Stomper Fairuz

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A youth allegedly took an e-scooter that did not belong to him from outside a 7-Eleven store at Block 412 Bedok North on Apr 2 at about 10.06pm.

Stomper Fairuz shared with Stomp footage of the youth riding away with the Fiido e-scooter that was taken from a CCTV camera.

He said that he is sharing this on behalf of the e-scooter's owner who wants to remain anonymous.

"The owner parked his e-scooter outside the 7-Eleven near the walkway and hidden from the CCTV camera," he said.

"He has not made a police report as he is giving the boy 24 hours to return the e-scooter.

"If he does not return it, he will take action against the boy."