Man distributing flyers at Sumang Walk swipes resident's pack of cigarettes

Submitted by Stomper Lun

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A man distributing flyers in Punggol was caught on camera taking a pack of cigarettes that did not belong to him.

Stomper Lun shared footage of the incident that occurred on March 29 at around 2:45 pm with Stomp.

He believes the man was distributing flyers for property agents at Block 325B Sumang Walk.

"This man was giving out flyers but he stole my cigarettes," he said.

"After that, he took back the flyer, afraid of getting caught."

The cigarettes and a lighter were on a sandal on a shoe rack outside the Stomper's unit. The man left the lighter behind.

Lun found other flyers presumably distributed by the same man near his home and shared photos of them with Stomp.

He added that he has not lodged a police report yet.