Yio Chu Kang condo resident makes nightmare find in home: A large python

Submitted by Stomper Dd Ss

Now here's a real nightmare that no one wants to find in their homes.

Stomper Dd Ss, a resident at The Calrose condominium, said that the python slithered into his home at about 9am on April 29.

He informed the guards about this, and they subsequently got pest control staff to arrive to handle the situation.

A video clip the Stomper sent to Stomp shows the pest control personnel trying to get the snake into a large drum.

"They struggled with it for 30 minutes before capturing it," said Dd Ss.

"This has happened before and I reported this to the managing agent but there are no advisory warnings inside the condominium.

"I hope this can alert the residents in the estate and nearby that the wildlife is moving nearer to the housing estates."