Potong Pasir resident walks his dog, finds 2m-long python instead

A 58-year-old resident was shocked when he discovered a 2m long python in a garden near Block 112, Potong Pasir  while walking his dog at around 8am last Friday (April 28).

He quickly called the National Environmental Agency (NEA) for help, reports Lianhe Wanbao

When reporters arrived at the scene, they discovered that the python had coiled around a rack on a bicycle parking lot, and several curious passers-by had gathered. 

Four boys in school uniform were busy snapping pictures, while the other people cautioned them against getting too close to the python. 

The resident who made the discovery told reporters:

“There is a kindergarten nearby, and the teachers often bring the kids out to the garden for walks, so I was worried.”

Not long after, two members from Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) arrived and attempted to capture the python. 

One of the ACRES crew use a metal clipper to secure the head of the python, while the other restrained the snake’s head and tail using both hands. 

The cornered python struggled and even attempted to take a bite out of the two, but was ultimately captured by the experienced personnel and placed into a bag. 

The crew even took the opportunity to educate the members of public on pythons.

They said:

“The pythons’ main diet comprises of rats and are normally harmless, unless provoked.”

A spokesperson from ACRES told reporters that the pythons are commonly sighted in Singapore, especially near water bodies such as drains. 

Normally, these reptiles would slither away and avoid human contact. 

She also advised the public that should they spot a python, maintain a safe distance and call ARCES for assistance.