Diner shocked after paying $11.80 for 'simple meal that cost a bomb' at Sim Lim Tower

Submitted by Stomper Ben

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A simple lunch that cost $11.80 left a sour taste in Stomper Ben's mouth.

Ben said he visited Sim Lim Tower to make a purchase on Friday (May 7) and decided to have lunch there.

He told Stomp: "When on my way back to the carpark, I saw this cai png stall on Level 4.

"I decided to just quickly settle my lunch here for convenience's sake since I was already there, even though the stall didn't look that appealing (It's okay, I'm just here for the food).

"The stall only sells five dishes: Curry chicken, otah, egg, lady finger and chicken ham or luncheon meat (forgot which one already).

"I ordered rice with curry chicken leg, half an otah (because the otah was quite big) and an egg, plus a canned drink. The meal cost me a total of $11.80!!!"

According to Ben, the canned drink was $1.80.

He added: "I feel like I have been robbed... Simple stall selling simple food can cost a bomb...

"This will be my first and my last time eating at this stall because I don't want to burn a hole in my wallet for a meal that should cost around half the price."