Diner says $15.40 mala hotpot from Sengkang food court is 'too expensive and unreasonable'

Submitted by Stomper Yuki

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Mala hotpot is known for being on the pricier side sometimes, especially at food courts and shopping malls — but how much is too much?

Stomper Yuki visited a food court at Block 263 Compassvale Street on Monday afternoon (June 21) and decided to have mala hotpot for lunch.

However, she was shocked to be charged $15.40 for the meal.

Yuki said: "I ordered two pieces of instant noodles, 1 piece of luncheon meat, four slices of lotus root, three thin slices of pork belly, one small piece of broccoli and one piece of sausage.

"The charges are too expensive and unreasonable.

"Furthermore, this was in the HDB heartlands and not in town or tourist attraction areas!"

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