Women in revealing clothes seen waiting for customers at Jurong East massage shops

Is this Jurong East neighbourhood turning into a mini red-light district?

More than 10 massage establishments have sprung up in an HDB estate at Jurong East Avenue 1 in recent years.

Some are suspected of providing sexual services.

When a Shin Min Daily News reporter visited recently, every HDB block was found to have at least several massage establishments. 

Women in revealing clothes and heavy make-up sat at the door waiting for customers. Whenever a man walked by, they would try to persuade him to go in. 

The reporter pretended to be a customer and asked about one massage establishment.

The masseuse quickly said there was a private room with a toilet available. She added it is convenient to take a shower after "finishing".

These establishment also advertise on Facebook with photos of their massage therapists.

One male resident revealed he had visited several massage establishments that offered "special services".

He pointed out that the masseuse would not blatantly indicate that she provided sexual services. 

They would usually get the customers in first and then wait for an opportunity to ask questions in the room, said the resident.

"They would accidentally touch sensitive areas during the massage and then ask you if you want a special massage, such as for the prostate and other areas. For different services, they charge different prices."

One female resident told Shin Min that she did not like the proliferation of massage establishments in the neighbourhood, but there was nothing she could do about it. 

"This will have a negative impact on children," she said. 

A woman, who runs a traditional Chinese massage establishment, said that her unit is next to one of the other massage establishments, which made her miserable. 

She told Shin Min that not only was her business affected, but men would go to her from time to time, asking if there were any special services. 

Her employee also complained that she often got strange looks. 

"Many people think that as long as it is a massage business, it is a sexual service. As a result, we are discriminated against and excluded, which is very unfair to us."