Woman who argued with cops at SGH could've earlier violated her work permit conditions

She had been in trouble before.

The woman accused of verbally abusing a nurse at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) on Tuesday (Oct 10) was previously alleged to have verbally abused a security guard at a condominium in an altercation, according to a police statement released late Thursday night.

The police also suspect that Chinese national Han Feizi could have contravened the conditions of her work permit.

Videos taken by her showing her being interviewed by the police at SGH had gone viral.

The police statement said: "The police are aware of online posts showing police officers engaging a Chinese woman.

"In response to media queries, the police would like to state that on Oct 10 at about 2.35am, the police received a call for assistance regarding a verbally abusive patient at Singapore General Hospital.

"A 29-year-old woman who was at the Accident and Emergency Department of the hospital to seek medical treatment for her injured foot was allegedly shouting and caused annoyance to the public. She also allegedly verbally abused a nurse prior to the arrival of police officers.

"At about 3.15am, two investigation officers arrived to interview the woman. They introduced themselves as investigation officers from Central Police Division at the onset and engaged the woman in the presence of the uniformed police officers.

"During the engagement, the woman was uncooperative and refused to provide her statement. She had also allegedly used Mandarin vulgarities against one of the investigation officers.

"After some time into the engagement, she started recording segments of her interaction with the investigation officers. While recording, she attempted to take one of the investigation officers’ security pass. The investigation officer firmly told her not to touch her pass.

"As the woman was awaiting medical treatment, a decision was made by the police to allow her to complete her treatment first and follow up with her later.

"The woman later allegedly uploaded the video recordings.

"This was not the only time the police had been called in against the woman. On Oct 3, the police received a call for assistance from the security team of a condominium located along Marina Boulevard.

"The woman was allegedly intoxicated, and the security team assisted in escorting her up to her unit. The woman then allegedly pushed one of the security officers on his shoulder and pulled his tie. She also purportedly used insulting and abusive words towards the security officer.

"Although the woman was compliant upon police’s arrival, the police nonetheless investigated her for the offences committed against the security officer.

"In the course of investigations, the police have also found reason to suspect that the woman could have contravened the conditions of her work permit. The police will refer the matter to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)."

In response to a Stomp query, an MOM spokesperson said: "The Ministry of Manpower is working with the police to investigate the individual for possible contraventions of the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act."

Han was charged in court on Friday (Oct 13) with the following offences:

  • Public nuisance punishable with a fine which may extend to $2,000.
  • Two counts of using abusive language against a public service worker or public servant punishable with an imprisonment term not exceeding 12 months, a fine not exceeding $5,000, or both.
  • Two counts of assaulting or using criminal force on a security officer under punishable with imprisonment not exceeding two years or a fine not exceeding $7,500 or both.
  • Intentionally causing harassment punishable with imprisonment not exceeding 12 months or a fine not exceeding $5,000 or both.

She appeared in court via video link at around 9.40am, wearing a black shirt, reported The Straits Times. She told the court she intends to plead guilty and apologised for her actions.

Han had long hair and black-rimmed glasses, and her face looked haggard, according to Shin Min Daily News.

When the judge asked Han whether she would hire a lawyer, she asked if he could get a lighter sentence if she pleaded guilty early without hiring a lawyer. The judge explained that pleading guilty early would help reduce the penalties.

Her bail was set at $15,000 and the case was adjourned to Oct 25.