Woman accused of scolding SGH nurse with vulgarities alleged to be 'quite pretty' by netizen

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Update on Oct 13

Woman who argued with cops at SGH could've earlier violated her work permit conditions

Original article:

A woman who was accused of scolding a Singapore General Hospital (SGH) nurse with vulgarities is alleged to be "quite pretty" by a netizen.

Two videos recorded by the unseen woman as she was being interviewed in Mandarin by a bespectacled woman wearing a police lanyard went viral on Tuesday (Oct 10).

In the first video, the bespectacled woman, who was seated, said she was an investigative officer (IO) and kept asking the unseen woman whether she scolded the nurse with vulgarities, but she refused to answer the question.

The woman told the IO that she had waited for three hours to see a doctor and her foot was injured after she was hit by a car. She said the police should be questioning the car driver instead of her.

She said she suspected the driver intended to kill her and when the IO asked for proof, the woman replied: "Because I did not die, I do not have proof."

The woman also insisted the IO prove her identity, but the IO said she was not obligated to do so and pointed out the policemen there.

The IO kept asking the woman to stop recording the video, but she refused.

In the second video, the woman talked more about the car accident and said she was on the ground for 20 minutes.

The IO, who was now standing, said the accident was for the traffic police to handle and asked the woman: "So now to confirm, you refuse to give a statement about using vulgarities with the nurse?"

When the woman answered yes, the IO left with the other police officers and the video ends

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On Reddit, a netizen shared a photo of a woman alleged to be the unseen woman in the videos and described her as "quite pretty".

The photo is part of a Douyin post sharing the unseen woman's side of the story, hence the allegation.

In response to a Stomp query, the Head and Senior Consultant of SGH's Department of Emergency Medicine, Associate Professor Kenneth Tan, said: "On Oct 10, a patient displayed aggressive behaviour towards our staff on duty at the Emergency Department (ED). We are very grateful to netizens who have expressed their understanding and support for our staff who had been verbally abused, and the police for their on-site support.

"During the triage process at the entry to our ED, the patient was handed a mask after a staff noticed that she was not wearing one. She refused to put on and became abusive when our staff reminded her about the ministry guidelines on mask wearing in hospitals. Despite the best efforts and repeated attempts by our clinical and security team present to calm her down, her abusive behaviour persisted, and the police were activated...

"By refusing to wear a mask, the patient had put others around her, particularly our vulnerable patients, at risk. Her behaviour was disruptive to the operations as the hospital had to deploy more manpower to attend to the case at the expense of other ED patients who were waiting to be seen.

"About two hours from the time she arrived at our ED, the patient was discharged home after being thoroughly reviewed by our clinical team. We would like to reiterate that everyone who presents at our ED will receive the care required.

"Police investigations are currently ongoing."

Stomp has contacted the police for more info.