Man hurls vulgarities at Khatib bakery staff, slaps plastic bag away and throws his money around

A man was caught on camera behaving aggressively and going on a vulgar tirade at Khatib MRT station in Yishun on Wednesday night (Sept 6).

A Stomp staff member witnessed the incident at Tosuta bakery at around 9.10pm. The man was already mid-rant and had also drawn the attention of several other passers-by.

The dispute is believed to have sparked by the man getting upset after not having enough cash to pay for his purchases at the bakery.

Videos recorded by the Stomp staff member show the man hurling vulgarities at two female employees in the bakery non-stop.

He can be heard screaming, "Malay no money ah?!" and is then seen hitting a plastic bag out of one employee's hand.

The man was observed yelling obscenities at the bakery staff, exiting the shop, walking around the MRT station and then returning to chastise the two women again -- a ritual that he repeated for at least another ten minutes.

At one point, he called them 'prostitutes'.

The Stomp staff member also saw the man throwing his cash on the floor in anger and picking everything up again.

According to an onlooker, staff at the MRT control station had been informed of the ruckus and alerted the police.

As the man continued to behave aggressively and kept returning to the bakery to verbally abuse its staff, the Stomp staff member called the police's non-emergency number at 9.23pm.

The man subsequently left the MRT station.

According to the bakery staff, the man had taken multiple items but did not have enough money to pay for them. He was told to return later but the man apparently said, "I call my wife come and pay. You don't worry, I got money one. You don't worry."

When the staff said that he could continue choosing items after his wife got here, the man got upset. He retorted, "I no money ah?" and started scolding the staff. He was apparently unhappy as he had already chosen his items and was short of $2.

The Stomp staff member left the scene at 9.32pm.

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