Woman wants to apologise to auntie for cutting queue at National Gallery

Submitted by Stomper Stomperino

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Stomperino would like to express her sincerest apologies to the woman whose queue she had unintentionally cut at the National Gallery Singapore yesterday.

Stomperino said that she was unaware that she had cut the queue for an exhibit there, until she overheard a woman behind her complaining and realised her mistake.

As she did not manage to apologise to the woman on the spot, the Stomper would like to use social media to clarify her side of the story.

Stomperino wrote:

"Wanting to enjoy our last day of holidays, my friends and I went to the National Gallery to appreciate the arts.

"It was relatively messy there and the queues were all over the place.

"Basically, we were unsure of whether the Children's Biennale exhibit was the one nearest to us or the one up ahead, so I joined the queue and waited for the one nearest to us while my friends went up ahead.

"However, after a while, a lady came behind me and I overheard her conversation with her child.

"She started complaining about this girl who barged into the queue with her big bag, telling her kid that 'we shouldn't be nice to these people' and that she was going to 'call the police' (a quote from her).

She also had an accent and was saying all that really loudly.

"It was then that I thought she could be talking about me and I could have unknowingly cut the queue.

"However, I was honestly completely unaware that her less-than-one-metre child was in the queue.

"I am completely apologetic for my actions but at the same time, I was unsure of the start of the queue as it was very messy and crowded there. I was originally unaware that her child was there in line.

"I did not apologise to her as being a lot younger than her, I was in fact quite scared as I was unsure of what might happen next and how to deal with the situation.

"She could flare up at me and it could start a scene so I decided to take it to social media to apologise, and I am sincerely sorry for cutting your queue.

"Afterwards, my friends found out the exhibit was the one up ahead so I left to go there.

"I am sure she was angry, but she could have just tapped my shoulder and told me that her child and herself were actually in line for the exhibit.

I would have naturally apologised without fear and gone to the back of the queue."