I realised the horrible way I treated my GF of 14 years only after I broke up with her and now she won't take me back

A Stomper wanted to share his remorseful realisation of the "horrible" way he treated his girlfriend of 14 years who he says is "the love of my life".

The Stomper is 29 years old and said that he had been with his girlfriend since they were in secondary school.

He did not want to go into details about why he broke up with her but he knows now that he did not take the effort to find out the reasons behind her actions that led to the break-up.

After realising the huge mistake he made, he tried reaching out to her again but feeling betrayed, she rejected him.

He wrote a heartfelt confession hoping that his ex-girlfriend will see it and come back to him:

"Today I learnt how childish and stubborn I was.

"Based on my rage and weak heart, I did things that hurt her and let others misunderstand her.

"I am remorseful for what I did and caused people who know me to think that I am right when I was actually the source of the problem.

"When many supported me and cheered for me, I was shamelessely basking in the glory of my selfish victory.

"I do not deserve all the care and concern, she was the one ripped away of her protection and reputation.

"She had a serious medical issue with one of her organs and endured the pain for more than one year.

"She was afraid to tell me because of how childish and arrogant I would react, afraid to ask me for help because I would not trust her, afraid to show her pain when she knows that I would be very unhappy.

"She did so much for me and I did everything wrong to her.

"I never knew what love was and she taught me the hardest way ever.

"I always thought my love was more than her but she was the one who gave more instead.

"I was the one who threw the 14 years away.

"I used to think I was always right.

"She suffered the pressure I unleashed, the nonsense I created, the selfishness I portrayed.

"I made her become worse and caused her to do things out of her moral values, she is the kindest woman in the world that I have ever met.

"She used to be a cheerful chirpy bird but I was like a vicious trainer whipping her each time when she wanted to sound out her feelings, I made her mute and fearful of me and I still had the cheek to blame her for not telling me her feelings.

"I was so proud to believe that I was the one who maintained the 14 years of love marathon.

"No, everyone. It was her.

"She was the one who accompanied me, shared my interests and hobbies with me, fought for me against others who misunderstood me.

"She gave me her world and everything I could ever have wanted, but I on the other hand thought I gave a lot already.

"No! I did not give enough at all.

"It hurts me deep to the core that my actions and things I did hurt her so badly.

"She is the love of my life and I hereby swear that I will commit my life to her, be a real man to protect and love her, never to hurt her or leave her again.

"I will never ever accept any other woman besides her in my life.

"If I lose her no matter under what circumstances again, I will spend the rest of my life remembering and honouring her.

"Come what may, I will always love her until the end of time.

"My whole life will be dedicated to her, the grave mistake I did will be carved and tattooed inside my heart forever to never do wrong to her again.

"I am utterly sorry."